About Us.

About Us.

Løksfjord AS was incorporated established in 2010 and is today market leader within catch and supply of Norwegian King Crabs. From the start, our vision has been to deliver high-quality crabs all year round to the top level of customers worldwide.

A Few Words About Us

Løksfjord AS, has worked closely with fishermen to create regularity of catches and delivery all year round. Together with authorities, we have worked on creating good conditions for all-year catches and optimizing the Norwegian crab fishing. Through this co-operation and development of our plants, we have today achieved all-year catching and delivery.

Løksfjord AS, have achieved extremely good results when it comes to quality assurance and well-being of crabs. Today, we handle, pack and ship Norwegian King Crabs all over the world with very good results. We focus heavily on the brand and the story behind our product. We wish to focus on the fisherman as the important element he is, and we want to emphasize that our activities are located in Troms og Finnmark County – the northernmost county of Norway, where we have the cold and clear water, midnight sun in the summertime and 24 hours of darkness during the winter.


Seafood is one of nature’s greatest gifts. Here at Løksfjord AS, we are fully committed to responsible fishing practices and the long-term protection of the marine environment and our vessels are members of responsible Norwegian fishermen.


Through direct ownership of all logistics, we are able to control the entire product cycle. Furthermore, we strictly adhere to all EU quality and safety regulations. This allows us to guarantee our high quality “from the sea bed to the supermarket shelf”.


In a recent independent review of the best practices of fish and shellfish producers, Løksfjord AS was ranked number one, clearly positioning the company as a World-Class leader in our sector.